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When I imagine the online gaming market, I imagine thin, smoky school kids who sitting in awe of their computers for hours at a time playing the latest games. This notion is likely to have some truth in it particularly in the console-based, hardcore gaming industry.

There are some notable shifts taking place in the world of online gaming in the last few years that have definitely surprised me a bit. While the market for games consoles is dominated by the majority of males in their 20s and the market for skill games has the largest portion of its revenue coming from the 35-65 age group and a slight tilt toward females.

Skill gaming, which typically involves playing online multiplayer games, was once a niche market but is rapidly becoming popular with the masses. This is due because access to internet and broadband has made the pursuit for entertainment online no longer a solely Western leisure activity. Additionally the fact that skill games aren’t considered gambling, and they are therefore not subject to the laws against gambling in many countries. They can be played in a variety of nations around the world.

Another reason for the phenomenal increase in these games online is their addictive nature and their ease of use. Skill games are web-based games that are played in a tournament เว็บแทงบอล style, where each participant pays an entry fee in cash to play , and the cash prize awarded at the winning player. They tend to be brief games that are only one or two minutes and require only a few basic rules to master before starting. They are a great game to play during break at work, and it’s even been proposed that they may not just increase the productivity of people at work, but also help reduce stress at work.

The websites that provide these games usually give players the choice of playing against a particular person or choosing an unrelated person from the network of games to join them. These online multiplayer games provide a thrilling experience, particularly when you can bet in the contest. In a massive tournament, huge cash prizes are possible at the conclusion of these easy but thrilling games.

These factors have all contributed to propelling the sector of online skill games into the forefront of online entertainment , with an ever-growing mass market population participating. This has led to the participation of those who may not have thought of themselves as gamers online in the first place.

Experts predict that the online skill game industry will double in size by the year 2011 and will reach an ever growing global audience as well an ever-widening age range.